The week-long virtual summer camp, organised for the students of Delhi Public School, Mohali marked its finale on Friday. Children explored their potential and expressed their creativity in the field of art and acquired knowledge about Vedic Mathematics, Dental Hygiene and Compassion towards animals in the camp. The special webinars were initiated by experts in various fields. The camp was a wonderful combination of engaging activities and knowledge worthy workshops. The parents appreciated the efforts made by experts and teachers to train their kids. The children were given certificate of participation for some of the sessions they attended.

In order to sensitize the young minds about the importance of protecting and healing our earth, the children of primary classes of Delhi Public School, Mohali showcased scintillating virtual shows titled “Heal the Earth”. The children were infused with great zeal and optimism, a much needed sentiment in a world ravaged by both climate change and the pandemic and did their bit…. The children spoke about the dangers of fiddling with the mother earth and the ways and means by which we can undo the damage already done. Their deep resolve to do their bit was exhibited in the form of a presentation showcasing their plantation and germination activity and it was inspiring to see the kids understanding on what it means to care for our environment and our planet. The glimpses of their art activities on earth were quite artistic and gave the message of hope. The mesmerizing dance performance of the kids with the message of protecting and healing the earth was quite loud and clear and left everyone spellbound. The students vowed to become the torch bearers of saving our mother “ Earth” and resolved to celebrate each day as “Earth Day”.

DPS Mohali enthused with the joy of dancing celebrated International Dance Day on April 29,2021 virtually with great zeal and fervour. The day is dedicated to dance, dancers and dance enthusiasts. This is a day not only to entertain but also educate students about the art form making them more appreciative of the world of dance. The dipsites grooved to the popular global dance forms like contemporary, jazz and fusion. The students thoroughly enjoyed the foot tapping music along with exquisite dance forms. The dance not only helps in expressing emotions but also relaxes our mind ,body and soul.

To emphasise the importance of books, World Book Day was celebrated at Delhi Public School, Mohali on 23rd April, 2021. In the virtual interactive session wherein children talk about their favourite books and the characters in it. The students designed their book covers using their creativity and imagination. This activity was conducted to lay emphasis on the importance of reading books and inculcating the habit at an early age.

“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.” How true it is! The primary students of Delhi Public School, Mohali celebrated ‘Earth Day’ virtually with great optimism, a much-needed sentiment in a world ravaged by both climate change and the pandemic and did their bit. The students were made aware the theme of Earth Day 2021 i.e., "Restore Our Earth". Students were explained the importance to focus on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. As part of the Earth Day Celebration, a plantation activity was held in which students planted saplings which helped them develop an understanding of what it means to care for our environment and our planet. The tiny tots of Nursery also enjoyed doing germination activity as a part of the celebration. The students vowed to become the torch bearers of saving ‘Mother Earth’ and resolved to celebrate each day as ‘Earth Day’.

The students of DPS Mohali and DPS STS Dhaka met each other virtually on Saturday,Apr 3,2021 and got a chance to discuss their concerns about the global issue of water scarcity in the world. They researched water availability on Earth and discussed methods that can be used to purify and conserve this critical resource. They also urged each other to assess how much water they and their families typically use and think about reducing their water usage. Finally, they explored different techniques being employed for water management around the world, including the use of dams to create reservoirs. Apart from putting forward their concerns, both schools' students also gave presentations about the diversity of languages and dialects' reality. It was visible that it is not the numerical strength of the speakers of a critical language. The necessary fact is that it’s the language which facilitates multiple forms of human cooperation. The students learned about the assimilation of one language into the other and shared the nature of linguistic diversity observed in India and Bangladesh.The meeting ended with a valuable question-answer round which helped them understand the topics thoroughly.

To take a break from the mundane routine and to make the children live the glory of cartoon characters & community helpers, the primary wing of Delhi Public School, Mohali showcased virtual shows on ‘ Super Heroes of Our Community’ and ‘ Toon World’ Cartoons being the lifeline of children, they lived each and every character with great zeal. They were bubbling with immense excitement for this. They went an extra mile to look like the character they were playing. Their costumes and props added sparkle to the whole show. Characters like Doremon, Barbie, Moana, Optimus Prime,Chota Bheem, Elza ,Anna,Tarzan to name a few were all there and took everyone to the glorious world of cartoons. The show on the community helpers was a perfect tribute to the Super heroes of our community. The tiny tots played the role of helpers like Policeman, fireman, teacher, doctor etc with great interest. Their enthusiasm was exuberant.



Amidst the chaos, one can find an oasis and amidst the pandemic a ‘Virtual Tour’ can be a great relief from the mundane life. So the little ones of Delhi Public School, Mohali went for a virtual exploration to their much loved , their own school ‘Delhi Public School Mohali'. The kids set off for the tour with the hand sanitizers, masks , party tiffins, sunglasses, school bags all in place…. The kids relived their school memories through this tour. Excitement and happiness was quite visible on their faces. The kids shouted with joy throughout the tour be it games arena, pool area, play zone, activity room, library, sports room, or their own classrooms. Kids had been missing their school for such a long time and this tour proved to be so wonderful. They were longing to get back to school and their memories were refreshed.

Billions of children are currently unable to attend school because of COVID-19 but learning cannot stop.This pandemic has revealed how deeply interconnected learning and innovation is. Keeping this in mind,students of Delhi Public School, Mohali, showcased their talent in an exclusive Virtual Class Show. The show was organised to showcase how important it is for young people to adapt with the new ways of learning and to cultivate a spirit of exploration in these unprecedented times. The ‘Virtual Talent Show’ gave the students an opportunity to showcase their singing talent and culinary skills. They also amazed parents and distinguished guests with some amazing tricks of Science and Mathematics. Despite being confined to their homes, this initiative taught that students, parents and teachers throughout the world can still engage in learning adventures together. Parents were proud and thrilled to see the initiative taken by the school which fed the curiosity of home-bound students, who are the future stewards of our country.

As the need of the hour, we are trying to educate our children about ‘Good Touch’ and ‘Bad Touch’. In Keeping with this Delhi Public School, Mohali organised a virtual session on the same. The children were sensitised about the good touch and the bad touch in a very child friendly way. Some ground rules for safety like Saying NO, running away, confiding in parents and forming their safe circle were discussed at length.

While the campus is closed now due to COVID-19, we do not want our students to miss the opportunity to showcase their talents. Technology has taken a new meaning to stay connected. The ‘WOW’ show was organised for the students of Delhi Public School Mohali. The students assembled in an invigorating virtual classroom to showcase their talents and skills. The synergy of the students was testimony of the undamped spirit and resilience of the human nature, epitomizing the theme of the show, ‘Wonder of Words’. The virtual platform was illuminated by the vigorous creativity of the students. Each one of them was very delighted to get a platform to showcase his/her talent and skill. The show drew an enthusiastic response from the students who presented their melodious songs, eloquent recitation, stand -up comedy acts and also explored their scientific and culinary skills. All the entries were compiled to create one amazing show where students performed live in front of their parents. The students won a thunderous applause from the audience for their riveting performance.

Grandparents hold our tiny hands for just a while but our hearts forever and to honour them the primary wing of Delhi Public School, Mohali celebrated the ‘ Grandparents Day ’ virtually on 13th September, 2020 with great fanfare. The children exhibited their true love and gratitude for their grandparents straight from the heart by presenting an action song. Their dance performance left everyone spellbound. This was followed by sharing the candid moments of the children with their grandparents. It left everyone nostalgic and overwhelmed with emotions. The virtual show culminated with the card making activity for the loving grandparents for their infinite love and wisdom.

Global Tiger Day or International Tiger Day is observed on July 29, every year to raise awareness about the declining population of the wild cats and making efforts to conserve them. To make kids aware an interactive session was organised for the young Dipsites. The tiny tots pledged to do their bit to save tigers from going silent forever. They enjoyed doing Slogan Writing and Mask Making Activity in their virtual class.

Independence Day celebrations at school often mean a melange of patriotic activities which creates an atmosphere of national pride throughout the premises of the school.But this year, Covid-19 has shut schools indefinitely and added a twist to the 74th Independence Day celebrations. DPS Mohali decided to take the digital route to celebrate the day with the same fervour. The school organised a virtual Independence Day celebration on August 15 and invited all the students and their parents for the commemoration that was streamed live. The event featured a relay of the flag hoisting ceremony within the school premises in the presence of a very limited gathering. The ceremony took place amidst the rendition of the National Anthem. To mark the celebrations, a virtual assemblage of events took place ranging from speeches, patriotic songs to dances, all done online. Everyone was caught up in the spirit of patriotism and celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm. Whether pandemic-induced lockdown or not, Independence Day was celebrated, the ‘new normal’ way with patratriotism taking a digital expression.

DPS Mohali celebrated Janamashtami during a special online class. Children watched a short movie based on the life of Lord Krishna and took part in various activities like matki decoration and crown decoration. Students also dressed up as Radha and Krishna and gave dance performances.

Father's Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, parental bonds and the role of fathers in shaping the lives of their children. DPS Mohali celebrated the day in their own special way. The spirits of young dipsites were not dampened during these unprecedented times ,they celebrated Father's Day with great fervour and zeal which depicted their unending love and gratitude for their fathers. The kids made cards, badges, trophies for #1dads. They also prepared a dance number to tap their feet with their fathers. Fathers truly felt special with these wonderful gestures.

Celebrated across the world on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day is yet another day that reminds us of the importance of nature in our lives and why we need to conserve it. The day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about the conservation of Nature and encourage sustainability. To mark this day the budding artist of DPS Mohali pledged to protect, conserve and sustainably manage our natural resources through a creative Poster Making Activity.

To commemorate the sacrifices of our brave hearts Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated nationwide on 26th July every year.To salute and pay homage to martyrs, Poster Making Activity was organised for the students of DPS Mohali.Even these novel circumstances did not deter the young ones to honour the heroes who lost their lives in war.

To mark the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, National Sports Day was celebrated at DPS Mohali wherein various activities like Poster Making,Class Discussion and Quiz were organised for the students. The children also spoke about their inspiration Major Dhyanchand and importance of sports in one's life

The Covid-19 lockdown has brought the world to a standstill. Celebrations of almost every kind have been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day. Sure, you cannot get your mom fancy gifts that you may have thought of or step out of the house, but you can always make her feel special with the gifts that have a personal touch. Keeping this in mind, Delhi Public School Mohali came up with quarantine special Mother’s Day activities which encouraged children to do something for their mothers as a token of their love. Despite being stuck at home during this lockdown, the day was celebrated with great enthusiasm to make mothers feel special. Everyone shares a different bond with their mother so the celebrations varied from home to home . Some children made greeting cards for their moms, while others cooked up a storm in the kitchen to serve their moms, a delicious cake. Few also made a collage out of all the pictures of their moms and took them on a walk down the memory lane. This way, they pampered their mothers and displayed their love for their loving moms on the occasion of Mothers’ day.

DPS Mohali understands that extraordinary circumstances need extraordinary measures. Being the first school in Mohali to start online classes, the school has carefully planned a study package of two hours that students have to sit through daily, divided over several subjects. A routine has been drawn up. The students have been given links, which they use to log on to the virtual classroom. Apart from online teaching via a video-call app, teachers are also sharing chapter-wise assignments of different subjects. Hence, this way ,the students can look forward to being connected virtually .The online sessions began from April 1 and all the students seem glad to be back in class. Other than academics, the students are also engaged in several art activities to keep stress at bay in these tough times. The school has received an overwhelming response from students and parents who look forward each day to new initiatives taken up by the school.

The reduced fee structure for the first and second quarter of session 2020-21 will be charged for the third quarter also because of the Corona Pandemic. It is reflected under fee structure as conveyed earlier. All pending dues are reflected in the Individual payment gateway.

The 550th birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated with great exuberance at Delhi Public School, Mohali. A special assembly was conducted by students of to mark the occasion. The Students came dressed in traditional Sikh attire and the assembly commenced with a prayer followed by a demonstration of the customary ‘Prabhat Pheri’. Students also recited Gurbanis and the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji were shared with the students. The children were urged to follow the path of universal brotherhood and peace to promote national integration and communal harmony.

“The greatest significance of Diwali is to light up new, bright and colourful dreams, fresh hopes and undiscovered ways.” The exhilaration and celebratory spirit that Diwali brings is unmatchable. To add to the festive fervour, students of Delhi Public School , Mohali presented a special assembly on Diwali on Tuesday, Oct 21. The students presented a short skit in which they emphasized that usage of crackers has become a major problem as it adds to pollution level and causes harm to animals. They highlighted on the importance of saying ‘No to Crackers’ and urged children to be sensitive to the environment by celebrating a clean and cracker free Diwali. The assembly came to a close with a traditional Diwali Dance. The dance performed in colourful costumes and foot tapping music highlighted the festivity and good cheer of the festival.

To enhance the confidence and oratorical skill of the students, Delhi Public School Mohali organised an English Story Telling Competition for the students of Primary wing on Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Students used their imagination to create moral based stories on topics such as honesty, loyalty and truthfulness. These young story tellers used a variety of props to make their stories interesting and expressive. Each story concluded with moral highlighting different values of life. The students’ enthusiasm and passion observed in the competitions was praiseworthy.

DPS Mohali conducted an interactive session for teachers on ‘ How to develop leadership qualities amongst children’ on Saturday, October 19,2019. Mr. Yogesh Sharma a renowned motivational speaker who has an experience of over two decades in IT industry and has changed the lives of more than 6700 employees in various organizations was the resource person for the same. The fact that the actions, beliefs and experiences play a pivotal role in the personality development of a person was discussed at length. Emphasis was laid on various learning styles for children and how positive reinforcement can help the children boost their self esteem. Teachers being the major influencing factor in child’s life can encourage children to develop leadership qualities and can also inculcate out of box thinking. This session certainly succeeded in changing the perspective towards positive thinking.

Amidst much fanfare, the evening sports academy at DPS Mohali was launched by Cricketer Prashant Chopra. The academy which offers Cricket, Lawn Tennis and Football by expert coaches is open to students of other schools as well. While interacting with young players, Prashant Chopra, who plays for Rajasthan Royals Team, motivated them to play with full sincerity and dedication.

Delhi Public School, Mohali buzzed with action as students and teachers celebrated Earth Day with a week- long energised eco-activities .Class wise assemblies and talks were held to spread the message of saving the planet. Children pledged to become trustees of the earth and save its resources for the future generations. They also wrote message and slogans on themes ‘Save paper, Save trees’ and ‘Reduce- Recycle -Reuse’ which were later displayed in the form of a collage. The tiny tots of Pre-Nursery did their bit by participating in a plantation drive organised for all classes. The highlight of the celebration was a Poster Making Competition organised for the entire school where-in students and parents participated collectively .It was indeed overwhelming to see the parents’ enthusiastic participation in the competition which aimed at demonstrating support for environmental protection. Commenting on the event, the Dy.Director Mrs Reema Dewan, said that it was an attempt towards the families coming together and jointly pledging to save the planet.

Mother’s day Celebrations kick started at Delhi Public School Mohali today amidst great fervor and joy. The celebrations which will span over a week will see children putting up shows for their mothers in their own unique manner. On the first day, the children of Class Nursery came up with a presentation to convey their thanks to their moms for their unconditional love. To make the celebrations even more special, both moms and dads were invited and several fun filled activities and games were organized for them. The highlight of the event was the melodious rendition of the song, ‘I love you’ Mommy’ which left everyone emotional. Later the children presented specially handcrafted crowns for their mothers as take away favors. Mrs. Reema Dewan , Deputy Director wished the mothers on their special day. She said that occasions like these are great opportunities for the parents and children to collectively participate in celebrations thereby strengthening family bonding.

Delhi Public school Mohali echoed with Friendship Day Celebrations as the entire school plunged into several activities organised for the students. The day began with a special assembly wherein children came up with beautiful messages dedicated to their friends. They also shared why their friends were special for them. Later during the day children participated in activities such as Card Making and Poetry Recitation. To further reinforce the day’s theme, a special story telling session was held where the children learnt about the legendary friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama. A related craft activity followed the session. The Dy.Director, Mrs.Reema Dewan wished everyone on the occasion. Commenting on the celebrations, she said that considering the valuable role friends play in our life, it is important to have a day dedicated to friends and friendships.

Students and staff of Delhi Public School Mohali, celebrated International Family Day on May 15. The day was packed with several activities and interactive sessions organized for the children highlighting the importance of strengthening family units. Children made beautiful cards expressing the love they had for their families. They came up with some very special facts as to why their family was special. Movies and Power Point Presentations on family bonding further reinforced the theme of the day. Commenting on the occasion, Mrs. Reema Dewan , Deputy Director, said that International Family Day is observed globally to celebrate the significance of families, people, societies and cultures around the world. She added that celebrating such days in schools highlights the role of family as an educative and socio-cultural agency.

Independence Day was celebrated at DPS Mohali with great enthusiasm and pride. The tricolor was reverently unfurled with the National Anthem playing in the background .The entire school wore a saffron and green attire with beautiful handcrafted decorations made by the students. A special assembly was also held on the occasion. Children presented a captivating ballet to salute the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. The melodious rendition of some inspiring patriotic songs by the school choir was the highlight of the show. The entire celebration was dedicated to our National Hero, Late Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The Dy.Director, Mrs.Reema Dewan wished everyone on the 69th Independence Day of our country .While interacting with the children she motivated them to value the freedom that we enjoy in today’s time.

Come summer, camps gather eager participants who wish to explore, innovate and create. To ensure that the much awaited summer break is relaxing yet constructively utilized, DPS Mohali has organised ‘Smart Shrubs’ a 3 week long summer camp in the school. The first of its kind in the city, Smart Shrubs offers a wide range of carefully selected activities for the young campers aged 3 to 8 years. The popularity of the camp is very much evident from the overwhelming response of children eager to avail the rich experience the camp offers. A balance mix of fun & learning, each day involves a selection of activities ranging from Poise & Personality Development to Art and Craft, from Simple Science experiments to Exciting Recipes, Music, Dance and much more. The parents have been highly appreciative of the camp. They feel what better way for children to unwind and have fun in a safe environment besides being constructively occupied at Smart Shrubs Summer Camp 2015. The Deputy Director, Mrs.Reema Dewan said that such camps help build self-confidence and social skills in children. She added that the sessions provided in the summer camp are based on the learning skills and objectives of the primary school curriculum.